Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Abaya Couture

Abaya Couture are sellers of very nice looking abayas made in Qatar. Their website has not been updated in years but I wanted to share some photos of their designs because some are very beautiful. 

I love the blue and silver used together on this design along the sleeves and shayla. 

Very pretty silver design, sparkly but not too crazy. 

I gotta get an abaya with hot pink designs someday! I think its so girly and cute. 

 I love the flower design on this abaya and the way its cut along the front looks very feminine. 

 These sleeves are gorgeous!

I'm very partial to designs in brown and gold and think these are both very pretty and I love how the brown designs look like henna designs.


  1. How do I buy these? They are absolutely beautiful!

  2. hi elisabet, if your looking for abayas like these. then plz email me at & I will show u available abayas.

    look forward to hearing from u soon!!

  3. Do you do wholesale and how much are your abaya?