Sunday, April 22, 2012

Abaya Pant Sets

One of the latest abaya trends is having an abaya, shayla and form fitting pants that all match. The abayas and shaylas are very beautiful in all of these pics but I do not agree with the pants that come with the sets. They are so tight that they show the entire shape and form of your legs and the abayas are left open to show them off which is not modest at all especially since the entire abaya is left open and anyone can see what you have on under it if the wind blows it open. If the abaya was buttoned all the way down so people cannot see the tight pants they would be fine to wear in public, but of course these would be ok to wear at home.

I like the colors of this purple and black one, this would be nice for spring but I would prefer wider sleeves.

In the above pic is that her chest showing? Ladies remember that wearing an abaya and showing your boobies does not mix!!!! That aside the abaya she is wearing is very pretty.

 This one is using the colors of the UAE flag, but the cool thing is that Italians can wear these colors too! As well as anyone else, as long as the colors make you happy anyone is free to wear whatever they wish.

I love this black abaya with hot pink trim. I would wear that in a heartbeat!


  1. I love it! Right at a time when I was wondering about Muslim modest fashion, so happy Rt now,Alhamdulillah! And we both love camels,I am gonna cry out of Joy!

  2. Aww! You should lol! And I'll keep posting more stuff :)

  3. Ok yea a lot of these dont make sense lol but the concept would be cool

  4. The pants would be much better if they were cut looser with wide legs, the way they are in those sets its just pants for the sake of fashion, not for covering your shape/being modest. The price tags on these sets are not modest either, the cheapest one I saw was around $250 I think.