Monday, May 14, 2012

Hijab Fashion Magazine April 2012

Here are some looks from Egypt's Hijab Fashion Magazine for this month. Would you wear any of these looks?  

 The necklace she is wearing in the above pic is very nice. 

The blue printed fabric is pretty but I would rather pair it with a long, loose flowy  cardigan that's longer instead of this short one that I'm guessing is made onto the dress and I would like the sleeves to be looser, I've never been a fan of tight or elastic sleeves. 

 I actually like both of these outfits, I have no idea where I would wear something like that but to me they look classy. I especially like the colors of both outfits.

I love this dress! the colors are awesome, the only things I would change are to make it a bit looser around the chest and hips and to make the sleeve bigger. 

Same with this dress, it looks awesome just needs to be less form fitting and I adore her handbag!

I like this look as well, love the brown design and embellishments on the chest and the calligraphy on her hijab. 

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