Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Time Green

Spring time is one of the most beautiful times of the year, it is excited to watch the grass turn green again and all the flowers start to bloom in magnificent colors. For me spring time has always been a great time to just sit outside and enjoy nature, although most of the time that entails me planting lots of new flowers in our yard and sowing seeds in our garden so that we can have fresh produce all summer long. Green the color that epitomizes spring and all the trees and plants around us coming back to vibrant life after the winter's ice and freezing temperatures are gone. Green is also a color that is easy to wear, and as you can see in the following fashion sets I have created that green can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe in it's various shades.

Spring Fever

I know I'm not the only one that enjoys curling up in my bed with my laptop to do my homework while drinking hot chocolate or vanilla chai. Spring time is also a good time to get your skin in better shape by using facial masks so that your skin can feel renewed for the new season, it is also a good time to invest in a couple good face and body exfoliators to slough off the dry skin that happens so often in the winter and colder weather, my favorite is the micro-derm exfoliating peel scrub by philosophy that can easily be found in shops like Sephora or online from the philosophy website.

Spring Brights

Spring fun

I love how this long cardigan looks very much like a farasha abaya, such an easy way to cover your arms while still wearing a fun outfit. That is one of the first reasons that made me fall in love with abayas, I could wear the clothes I already had and just use the abaya to cover myself instead of trying to put on 3 or more layers of clothing and then checking and double checking to make sure none of my arms or chest were showing, whether my top was loose enough and long enough to cover down to my thigh, whether my pants were loose enough, blah, blah, blah. Wearing so many layers of clothes is not practical for me, it is restricting, can get uncomfortable, plus in the summer it is hot where I live and 3 layers of clothes in the sun when it's 100 degrees F just does not work. Also I so love the t-shirt in this set, I would totally wear this outfit to a classic car show!

Comfy in Lime

Betsey Johnson is a great place to find spring jewelry in bright colors like the lady bug jewelry in this set.

Happy Flamingos

Another great cardigan that offers almost the same coverage as an abaya. The black cardigan with the bright clothing underneath is so playful and fun. I adore the sunglasses in this set, they totally remind me of the old Batman TV show I watched as a kid where Eartha Kitt played Catwoman and drove around in her little Cat-Car hahaha!

Spring Florals

Dolce & Gabbana make many items in beautiful floral prints, I guess because all Sicilian women love crazy loud floral fabric! Floral and pearls, what more could you want? This would be perfect to take along on a trip to Sicily, can't you imagine wearing this while looking out into the Mediterranean sea while you stuff yourself with bruschetta and pasta?!?!?

Seeing Green

I love this Ombre green Kaftan, just a subtle hint of color to makethe print look more alive. The clutch is fascinating, kilim type prints and tassles are always a winner.

Spring Time Emerald and Pearls

Round chair oh how I covet thee, if only I lived in an area where I could have outside furniture like that. Where I live the chair would get soaked in rain and ruin quickly. loving the Kate Spade telefono Italian phone case, if only they would make as an s4 case I would be happy.  If you know me you know that i love tassels and I think this silver tassel necklace would be adorable against the emerald green of this kaftan. This look reminds me so much of Gardenia flowers, it would be great for an evening home cooked meal served in a garden with candle light.

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