Sunday, May 4, 2014

Almotahajiba Spring 2014 Collection

While in Dubai earlier this year I wanted to get myself a new abaya and was lucky enough to find one that I loved in the Almotahajiba shop in Wafi Mall. It has become my favorite abaya, the satin fabrics are great quality and so light and comfortable to wear. I even wear it in Kentucky over my maxi dresses so that I won't have to layer 3 or 4 layers of clothing on just to go out. 

Here is their spring 2014 collection, the inspiration drawn from flowers is very apparent in the colors of their jalabiyas and the patterns used on their abayas. 

The jalabiyas are in bright happy colors that remind me of tulips and irises. The turquoise with pink accents is my favorite, also love the prints they used on their accent fabric and belt.

Very simple yet elegant, I would wear this one anywhere. 

The fabric used for the overlays on this one is so pretty, also love how the y scalloped the edges of the fabric to make look more flowing than if the fabric had been cut in straight lines.

This one is my favorite of their spring collection. I love the simple but elegant pattern they used and how it is on the back as well as the sleeves.

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