Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bring Back Our Girls

Unless you have been living under a rock lately or care more about superfluous celebrity gossip more than the real world around you then you have heard about the tragic kidnappings of nearly 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria by an extremist group called Boko Haram. Innocent girls that were ripped from their beds. This group opposes these girls' Islamic right to a good education and has forcefully detained them and claims they will sell these innocent helpless girls into prostitution. Days, Weeks, and now nearly a month have gone by and the girls have not been returned to their rightful place; with their families and within a school.

Recent news states that the kidnapping are starting to escalate. Where is the world why this is happening. Where is the Nigerian government and law enforcement while this is happening. This is child abuse and must be stopped this very second. Do not neglect these girls, their value in this world is equal to ours and it s our duty as Muslims and as compassionate human beings to free them from their horrific captivity.

 I look at their eyes and feel the tears welling up in mine. I am haunted by their faces. These innocent children were stolen. You don't have to be their parent or anyone's parent to feel love and compassion for them or any other child.  Their rights as children and as Muslims have grossly been jeopardized. Islam guarantees them safety, education, freedom, and a nurturing environment all of which have been violently ripped away by this disgusting extremist group.

As Muslims we all know that education is important, it is commanded of us whether we are male or female. On top of that women and children are supposed to be protected by men at all times. The feminists may disagree with me but I believe that men are our protectors and our providers and should behave as such. Those are huge tasks that require responsibility, nurturing and education.  As females our roles also require education, we are the ones who must teach future generations how to be good Muslims and good humans in general, and it does not mean we cannot have a real job, just look at Khadijah for a perfect example of how a woman should be. She was smart, strong, took care of her husband in every way that she could, but she was also cunning enough to be her own boss and to be successful in her business ventures. She is proof that Allah loves strong, smart women.

 Also as an educator this travesty stirs my emotions. During my time working with young children and helping them to learn my thoughts of education have changed. I now know that education is not a chore for children. I see the light in their eyes when you teach them something new or tell them about a place or animal they had no knowledge of before. Their growing minds as well as our are thirsting for knowledge although as adults some of us have tuned out that thirst in favor of less beneficial activities. As a child all the way through high school, I did not enjoy school but I loved to learn. My dislike for school was due to inadequate teachers and classmates that made my life miserable but that did not keep me from reading every book I could get my hands on and educating myself every way that I could.  I took as many classes as I could during high school, from fashion design, to agriculture, to how to take apart and repair small engines just so I could learn something new. It was a hard fight to be able to go to college but it has been worth it, by educating myself on how to educate young children I know and feel that I have become a better person that has a bigger purpose in this world. These girls in Nigeria as well as girls all over the world deserve a solid education that will in turn make them stronger individuals that will benefit their communities.

 Some may still argue that it is not a female's place to be educated, they should only be at home cooking and having babies. It's not just people in one certain part of the world that think that way either, even in rural Kentucky this mentality exists. I know how hard it was for me coming from an area where you are supposed to follow your parents traditions and work on a farm raising animals, crops, and children for the rest of your life with only a high school education or less has been. I know what it's like to be told to give up your dreams because the only thing you would be good for is to raise children. But with my education I am raising children, my own if I am ever lucky enough to have any inshallah as well as everyone else's. It is my duty as a woman and as a Muslim to protect children and help them to learn the skills they will need to succeed as adults. Although I may not be the same religion as the children I have worked with I would still protect them with my life and do the best that I can to help them learn as much as possible. After all, they were born Muslim anyways and their parents made them Christian. Inshallah in the future this area will be more tolerant towards Muslims and the children I have cared for will accept Islam in their lifetimes.

Real men do not harm women and girls. Real men will not keep a female from acquiring her education because he knows that her education is beneficial to her and that it enables her to create a better world for herself and all children or adults she cares for, as well as him. real men will stand up and fight for the rights of girls and women, including their right to a good education. The first university was founded by a woman in Egypt, if it weren't  for her where would we be now? Allah blessed her with the knowledge to create something that would benefit males and females long after her time here on earth had passed.  The individuals that are responsible for ripping these girls away from their educations and families are not men and they are definitely not Muslims, the only word that can describe them is monsters. They are human monsters that have done a monstrous deed that they must be held accountable for. Inshallah the girls are returned soon, safe and unharmed, and inshallah these monsters who committed this heinous act are dealt a fatal blow by the hands of justice.

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