Saturday, May 3, 2014

Porter Magazine Morocco Feature

I have been so busy with school this semester that I didn't even know that net-a-porter, a popular destination for buying fashion and other pretty things had started to publish their own magazine. While at Barnes & Noble this week looking for magazines with cute craft ideas I stumbled upon porter magazine and flipped through it. It's a very nicely produced magazine with lots of great photography and product spotlights. Although I have been trying more and more not to hoard magazines I had to buy this one because I loved the feature with photos from Morocco so much. If you see this magazine on the shelves of your local bookstore pick it up and check it out, only the magazine itself can do these photos justice. 

The black and white makes this photo so powerful, also love the traditional kaftan

You can't go wrong with camels!

This photo is my favorite, amazing background that makes the red Kaftan really stand out. 


I love tassels so much. During one of my trips to Dubai I passed up tons of pretty shaylas in favor of a plain black one just because it had tassels on each end haha!

I love the headpieces in the pics above and below, I have not acquired any headpieces during my adventures but inshallah someday I will I love the way they look.

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