Monday, June 30, 2014

Don't look now, it's a vicious Christmas Tree!

I always thought people in places here in America overdid it on the Christmas decorations. Some houses and buildings rival Clark Griswold's epic Christmas light masterpiece in the old National Lampoon Christmas movie. But that was until I saw how Dubai does Christmas, and I wasn't even there for Christmas!  I arrived on New Years Eve and went out in search of food that's when I saw this epic masterpiece of a tree that would surely make Clark Griswold proud.

I will admit I was taken by surprise that this mall, which is called Festival City, had such a huge Christmas tree still standing on new years eve. Here in America the trees and decorations come down the very next day after Christmas is celebrated. I wondered why it wasn't the same in Dubai and then I realized that these decorations don't really represent the Christmas holiday at all in the sense that they would here in America but are more of a representation of how much Dubai is a global community with many diverse backgrounds. The tree stands as a symbol of welcome from Dubai to the people of the book. Even after New Years I heard Christmas Music playing over the loud speakers in Dubai Mall, I've never heard Christmas Music played in public places here in America after the holiday is over.

First I must say that I loved this girl's grey striped abaya mashallah. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, it was interesting to watch how all nationalities and all religions that were present walked around the tree and admired it. After all, it is a beautiful tree even if you don't celebrate the Christian holidays.

These poinsettias were real, and really beautiful. Dubai's choices for flower decorations far surpass the fake plastic flowers I see placed in malls here.

But I adore how malls have these huge bukhoor burners in the hallways, perfect for standing near and fanning the bukhoor around yourself after you have been walking and exploring all day and fear that you may not be smelling as nice as you should!

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