Friday, July 25, 2014

Inspiration of the Day

Even though I am a shy person and don't like to stand out in crowds I love bright colors, I like to call them happy colors. This abaya would be great for a ladies gathering or for just having a family gathering at home. We often don't dress up when we eat dinner with our families at home because everyone is always so tired and worn out from uni, work, or whatever other things our families may be doing but I think we should take the time once in a while to dress up for our families and have a nice home cooked meal together. You could even put up special decorations or play some music to add to the ambiance. Especially in Ramadan and with Eid drawing close I envy all of you that have Muslim families and get to eat and celebrate the holidays with them. Please, don't ever take your Muslim family for granted if you are lucky enough to have one, there are lots of people all over the world including me that wish we had the same.

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