Friday, July 25, 2014

My Ramadan Beauty Regime

Hygiene and taking good care of our bodies is definitely a big part of Islam. Sometimes during Ramadan it can be stressful because I am the only Muslim in my family so I have to pray alone, fast alone, break my fast alone, etc., so I can imagine how stressed out those that do have Muslim families could be with having to keep up with family visits and large gatherings. It is important that we not neglect our skin and hygiene while we are fasting, or any other time for that matter! Here are the items I have been using this month to try to keep myself refreshed and pampered. 

Although I do not like Clinique makeup their skincare line does have some good products to offer, this clarifying lotion and UV repair serum I would only give an OK rating though. Those 2 along with the Estee Lauder day cream are left over from when I managed a cosmetics counter, the Estee Lauder day cream is fairly good but if I had to buy them myself I would choose other brands. I mix the day cream with the ponds moisturizer to make it less heavy and smoother on my skin. I cannot live without Argan Oil for my hair, summer heat and UV can damage our hair so the Argan Oil is great for restoring and retaining moisture to help our hair stay healthy.

I cant go a day without reading *something*, this month I have been going through the latest issue of Burda Style Magazine repeatedly. I can't wait to get some new fabric and make some dresses and kaftans using their patterns and ideas that were inspired by their articles. The sparkly Betsey Johnson Hamsa necklace and Burt's Bees Pomegranate lip balm are gifts I got myself for Ramadan. I love Pomegranate and the taste reminds me of the delicious pomegranate desserts I enjoyed while in Dubai. There are many opinions on Hamsa necklaces but for me they are purely a fashion accessory, use your heads, there is no way a piece of jewelry created by a human is going to protect you. Only Allah can offer you the protection you need.

Don;t forget to take care of your entire body including your feet, I love to use foot soaps and soaks in my at home foot spa. Don't forget to exfoliate! Afterwards rub your feet in a moisturizing oil like the lavendar one pictured or your favorite moisturizing lotion and put some socks on to lock in the moisture while you go about your daily chores and your feet will be super soft. I also like to  exfoliate my hands and out on a pair of moisturizing gloves while I sleep to keep my hands from feeling dry and rough. Exfoliating your face is also very important, since I am out of my favorite philosophy exfoliator I picked up this Loreal one with the little rubber scrublett that pops out of the bottle so you can scub your nose and pores better. I like it, the efoliating wash alone would be pretty run of the mill but the rubber scrublett makes it worthwhile. The caress body scrub works very well and smells fantastic.

 For my hair I sometimes use cocnut oil and rub it into my hair really well and put on one of the plastic disposable caps that you can find at discount stores and beauty supply shops and leave it on for a few hours so that my hair gets thoroughly moisturized, I then wash it out at night with shampoo followed by my normal conditioner and my hair will be super soft and easy to brush. The Argan oil hair masks also work wonders, I use them once every week or two to keep my hair healthy.

I love using face masks, my favorite right now is the paper rose mask that is pictured, it smells like delicate roses and leaves my face feeling incredibly soft. I pull my hair back and use the Hello Kitty hairband that I found at Ulta to make sure all the strands of hair are away from my face before I put the masks on.

An added treat that I like to do after a great exfoliating bath is to mix some rose water with a little warm water and sprinkle it over your skin after you fave dried off. It will leave your skin with a faint scent of rose like a Moroccan princess!

Are there any favorite beauty rituals you like to do for Ramadan to relax and pamper yourself?

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