Monday, July 14, 2014

Product Reviews: Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick and Velvetines

If you are like me you care about the ingredients and ethics of the items you put on your face or body. That was one of my main reasons for wanting to try Lime Crime products, they are vegan friendly which means they do not use any animal products while making their cosmetics and they are cruelty free which means they never test their cosmetics on animals. Pair that with some wild colors, sparkly unicorn packaging, and great quality and we have ourselves a winner!

Over the last few weeks I have been using the retrofuturist opaque lipstick and the pink velvet and wicked velvetines. All 3 have a pleasant scent that smells a bit like vanilla cake. As a said before the packaging is superb, although Lime Crime is an independent brand the quality of their packaging and overall quality of their product far surpasses even many of the higher priced brands.

While the higher priced brands usually target an audience that is bent on luxury Lime Crime is targeted to all the girls across the world that think of their makeup as art by providing us with colors that are very different and unique in their formulas.

The opaque lipstick is just that, with minimal product your lips will be evenly and smoothly coated in color. It is very creamy and comfortable to wear. Retrofuturist is a classic red shade that will easily go with any outfit on any day. Next I would like to try one of the more adventurous colors, maybe the pale orange shade cosmopop.

The Velvetines also offer maximum color coverage but dry to a matte finish that does not transfer off onto your clothing, drinks, or food. trust me when I say the wicked velvetine held up through an entire 3 course Italian meal! Although I feel the wicked velvetine is a bit too dark for my light skintone it is nevertheless a beautiful color and great product. As you can tell by the swatches on my hand in the pic below wicked dries to a deep dark matte red, I am a fan of the more classic brighter reds but maybe it will just take some time for me to get used to the shade and I will love it more.

My favorite of the 3 Lime Crime Products is the pink velvet velvetine. It dries to a pretty bright pink matte on your lips that does not look too harsh or out of place. I often forget that I am wearing it because it is so light and does not transfer onto my glass or water bottle as I am drinking, then I look in the mirror and it's still on and still bright!

In conclusion Lime Crime is definitely worth the price you pay for each product. A tip of advice: if you see a shade you want on their website get it while you can because their products sell out quick! And, as always, only buy Lime Crime products from authorized retailers because there are a lot of fake Lime Crime items floating around on the market!

From top to bottom in the above and below pics you have the retrofuturist opaque lipstick, the pink velvet velvetine, and the wicked velvetine.

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